About Us

Women for the world envision a balanced society built on the rights of each person to self-determination and to live in dignity without scarcity.

To create a peaceful society by respecting ethnic diversity, promoting multi-cultural and multi-religious communities and protecting our share cultural heritage.

To promote a society that recognizes that fundamental right of every human being, especially women, to strive towards a future without discrimination and in which the basic needs of every person are fulfilled.

To build a society based on mutual respect for all living things by promoting human-centered and sustainable development for improved living standards in harmony with our shared natural heritage.

Core Values

  • Respect human dignity
  • Work to amplify the voice of oppressed and marginalized people
  • Value mutual learning
  • Practice integrated and collaborative processes

Main Activities

  • Urban upgrading
  • Land sharing and low cost housing (Shelter) program
  • Livelihood and food security program
  • Community infrastructure program
  • Women income generating development program

Targeted groups

Poor households from urban and rural areas are targeted to support by the program.

Implemented Area

The project was implemented in 5 regional areas, at 32 townships, with 70 communities implemented by about 100000 women groups.