Indigenous Women’s Coalition for Peace – Women For The World

The Indigenous Women’s Coalition for Peace (IWCP) formed with the aim of building a coalition between all the minority tribes so that women can work together towards gaining access to equal rights and opportunities in Rakhine State. They aim to eliminate discrimination, to protect women from sexual and domestic violence and to promote non-violent practices. IWCP has formed in 11 townships in Rakhine state. Currently there are 51,913 members, of which 17 are part of the steering committee team.

The IWCP was founded in 2014, in part by Women for the World, and in part by women representatives from Kami, Myo, Dinet, Thet, and Chin indigenous tribes, as a means to create a forum within which representatives from ethnic minorities can be heard. It has become a platform for minority ethnic women to learn new concepts around development and peace, discuss their needs and perspectives, network together, and advocate their positions. Being part of the coalition allows women to maintain their unique ethnic identity while also experiencing belonging to a larger group identity. The coalition can assist women to ensure that their ethnic identities are properly recorded, and can gain better access to opportunities on behalf of its members. It is intended that the WFW will assist the IWCP in gaining opportunities for minority ethnic women to constructively participate in communal peace building processes.

WFW and IWCP have created a booklet about their work.
Download a copy by clicking on the image.

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