Womens Saving and Development Network – Women For The World

Womens Saving Self-Help groups have been established since 2009, beginning in Hlaning Tar Yar, North Ukkalapa Townhship, Kunchan Kone Township and Pha-an township in Kayin State. They are community based and currently there are more than 80 saving groups with more than 1500 saving members. The numbers of saving members are gradually increasing, especially in urban areas. Womens Saving Groups initiate community development such as livelihood and income generation, land tenure, housing, community infrastructure,water and sanitation activities.

There is a management mechanism in each community. Saving groups are formed by a sub group including 10-20 members. The sub group has ownership and decision making power for their groups. All sub groups have regular monthly meetings at township level and a management committee is formed through nomination and election by all of the saving members.

An annual meeting is held once a year where common rules and regulations, approaches and common management are discussed. Saving groups aim to build poor women saving institutions to fulfill their lack of basic needs such as land, housing, health, education, drinking water and sanitation.

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